Pate's PiKon telescope - STL Files

Feel free to use/modify these STL images for your own version of the PiKon telescope!

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SpiderWithServo.stl This is a version of the original PiKon spider object, with added attachment points for an SG90 micro servo for motorized focus. Also the inner diameter has been adjusted from the original 126 mm to 125 mm (I had trouble fitting the spider into my tube using the original diameter). I also widened the slot for the camera ribbon cable slightly.
DustCover.stl This is a dust cover for the PiKon telescope. This fits both the original spider and my motorized spider version.
ServoGear.stl This is the servo gear for the motorized focus. This is meant to be installed over the one-arm servo horn.
FocusGear.stl This is the focus gear for the motorized focus. This uses M3 grub screws and nuts to attach to the 5mm focus rod.
RaspberryPiMount.stl This is a mount for the Raspberry Pi 3 case that I am using. The case is somewhat bigger than the original.
ADXL345Holder.stl This is a holder for the ADXL345 accelerometer. It can be screwed to the side of the RaspberryPiMount.
18Tooth-GT2-PulleyPate.stl This is an 18-tooth pulley for a GT2 belt, which I used instead of the included T2.5 belt and pulley. You probably won't be needing this, I just included it for completeness's sake. It uses M3 grub screws and nuts to attach to the 5mm focus rod.   All of the STL files in a single ZIP file, for convenience.